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Before offering an Employment Contract the employee on-boarding process needs to look at 3 main considerations:


Right to work – it’s a legal requirement for a UK company to identify that a potential employee has the right to work in the UK. Two forms of identification should be requested for each employee. EU nationals do not need a work permit to work in the UK. If you are applying for a work permit for an employee outside of the UK that you are looking to transfer preference is given to candidates with specific technical expertise.


Recruitment – if you’re using a UK recruiter a typical fee would be 20% of the base salary. There are most certainly different recruiters to use depending on your industry and more specifically there are specialist recruiters to use for the exact role you are hiring for.


Background Checks – there are various suppliers for background checks, it is imperative that a candidate must give their consent before you engage a company to do such checks. Background checks are increasingly common especially where potential employees are involved with government sector contracts.

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