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Setting up a UK company 

V-Sub Accounting can assist with the legal procedures in setting up a limited company. From receiving your instructions for the entity name and who the Director(s) will be the company can be live and registered with Companies House within 48 hours.

There are several choices in setting up a UK entity as the type of entity you have. The choice usually comes down to a branch or limited company set up. A branch is normally seen as a short term solution and in practical terms the limited company option is better not least in the sense of how this is viewed by your customers. Other operational structures such as LLP are not commonplace for subsidiaries of US companies.

There has to be at least one Director, but there is no longer a requirement for a Company Secretary and V-Sub International PEO & Accounting can perform the functions of the Company Secretary. The Director can be of any nationality and does not have to be UK resident.

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