V-Sub International Accounting provides all your expanding company needs in terms of International Accounting, PEO, and Payroll


UK Services

As with all services from V-Sub, it’s always about what you need and nothing else.


Our UK accounting services cover:


  • Complete payroll management

  • Employee expenses control and administration

  • Payables and supplier management

  • VAT control

  • Billings and collection

  • Monthly and Quarterly financials

  • Statutory returns

  • Corporation Tax and planning

  • Cost plus and Transfer Pricing

  • Company Secretarial duties

  • Company formations


Mainland Europe Services

There’s only one way to do accounting in each country in Europe…. Use a local expert to eliminate the risk.


V-Sub has an established network of European based accounting firms with specific focus on different industry types to suit individual needs. This network will save you the time in finding the right one for you, the services of these companies exactly mirror in their own locality what V-Sub does in the UK.


V-Sub acts as a European co-ordinator so that no matter how many subsidiaries you have and where they are based you only ever need to talk to us on a day to day basis. Our clients tells us this saves on not only the natural cultural and linguistic difficulties  but also just as importantly ensures consistency of process and reporting across multiple countries.

PEO Services

Very typically companies looking to set up anywhere in Europe are faced with how to deal with existing local contractors, the onboarding of new employees and potential taxable presence.


Employee versus contractor status is a common dilemma that our clients have to resolve.


PEO can be a very effective, hassle free solution covering every need from HR control to payroll tax compliance for both employer and employees alike.


V-Sub offer a complete PEO solution for multiple scenarios in virtually every European country, there are certain jurisdictions and time restrictions where PEO is not permissible. Even though the problems facing our clients might be comparable, the exact circumstances an individual client might often require a tailored solution.

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