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  • Michael Clarke

EU Technology Purchasing Post Covid

In a recent survey report from the Global Network of Director Institutes analysing responses from over 150,000 corporate board members, navigation of the impacts of COVID-19 was explored.

It was found that the move from office based staff to home working enforced by government lockdowns exposed flows in their internal security, but as much as anything else this points to obsolete or at best out dated systems across the banking and financial services industry.

‘Directors anticipate expanding their risk dashboards to incorporate new kinds of risks next year and plan to consult with more outside experts to gain a broader perspective on future risks.’

From a generic standpoint, internally we’ve noticed across our client base that the companies that have done particularly well over the course of the pandemic have primarily been US security software and network technologies vendors with also prospective end user purchasing to the end of 2020 and first Q2021 showing no sign of diminishing.

Michael Clarke


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