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Professional Employment Organisation (PEO)

V-Sub International Accounting offer a full PEO service. PEO is often seen as a straightforward and immediate solution to the problem of how to engage international employees and has been viewed in the past as short term vehicle. However the popularity of PEO for international hires is increasing in recent years and there can often be a longer term emphasis.


Our PEO services ensure that employee's payroll needs are catered for such that they are not left to concern themselves with paying the right tax from their earnings. Importantly each employee has their own contract of employment which can be tailored accordingly based on client requirements, including specific benefits packages as needed.


It is not uncommon for clients to utilise our PEO structure alongside having an international entity for customer presence among other issues.


Our PEO service includes complete HR cover to advise on a variety of issues from employee on-boarding to what to do in the event of employee grievances and disputes, following due process here is always the correct approach.

Speak with one of our PEO experts to learn whether PEO is right for your business, and how V-Sub can help make it happen quickly and compliantly:

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