V-Sub International Accounting provides all that your company needs to expand into Europe and the UK. With expertise in International Accounting, PEO, and Payroll.

 About Us 

V-Sub International Accounting

The Virtual Subsidiary group exists to service North American technology companies with expanding their existing operations or wanting to set up in Europe. These services cover the operational aspect of sales, marketing and accounting.

V-Sub International Accounting operations is a one stop shop hybrid accounting operations centre combining the functions of the internal finance department and the traditional external firm doing statutory reporting and tax filings.


V-Sub International Accounting offers a comprehensive range of accounting and administrative services to clients. These services are geared towards greatly reducing the financial cost as well as eliminating the risks and operational complexities facing US based organisations in establishing an entity outside of the United States.


V-Sub International Accounting is about the details being done, from the legal aspects of setting up an entity to statutory filings to the fine print of local payroll and European VAT. Whilst there may be commonalities, every company is different and we will advise on having a structure to specifically suit what you need.


The Team

Managing Partner

Michael Clarke

Rob Oliphant

CEO & President

Kirsty Buckland

Director of Accounting

Marketing Executive

Tom Osborne

Sue Church

International Accountant

Herpreet Panesar

International Accountant

Jat Thandi

International Accountant

International Accounts Payable

Charlotte Lewis-Mills 

Customer Success Manager

Darren Reynolds

Financial Marketing Lead

Chloe Baker

Marketing Executive

Jessica Windsor

Customer Success Manager

Sophie Charles

Katie Taylor

Financial Marketing Assistant

Office Dog


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